I am a business-focused full-stack machine learning engineer, data scientist, and model performance consultant.

These days I design and build recommender systems that balance optimization for multiple business KPIs at Constructor.

Let's have a chat about your problems, requests & ideas on Twitter or by e-mail.


Boosted photo views by 30% by implementing new personalized content discovery mechanics in a social network with 43M+ MAU.

Increased the speed of an in-house body pose tracker 15x, redesigning the architecture & optimizing for inference on inexpensive commodity CPUs using TVM.

Optimized caching and asset loading in the realtime analytical dashboard, speeding up largest chart contentful paint 10x.

Saved more than $1M in portfolio risk per annum by reducing insolvency alert lag to < 5 minutes.

Ported state-of-the-art models for semantic segmentation, image classification and text detection to the TensorFlow.js model garden with >1M yearly downloads.